Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday July 17th

Well the presentations are all finished and i think that they were all so good. I find it hard to believe that many of us just learned about these new forms of technology withing the past few days. I am also feeling relieved that the majority of the work for the course is completed and we are almost finish with all our coursework.


Nancy said...

Anne and Angelo,
Even though you both presented on blogs I learned something from each of your presentations.

Vincent said...

The end is in sight indeed. Now that our lesson plan is also completed we are pretty much done. Except for that two page final, which is definetly not a heavy load. Truth be told getting up early every morning and working at night was just as much of a challenge as the actual course for me.

Janet said...

One thing about taking a semester course in two weeks is that it is intense but over quickly:)

mich021 said...

I love summer classes just for that reason. You have a lot of work crammed in to a small amount of time but it is over so quickly. During a normal semester I get tired in the middle and find it hard to get through all the work.